Embassy of Ukraine to the People’s Republic of China

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Trade and economic relations between Ukraine and China

The trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and China

Foreign trade cooperation between Ukraine and China is regulated by the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement between Government of Ukraine and Government of the People’s Republic of China (1992) that setting of most favorable regime regarding the duties levy for exported and imported goods of both countries as well as taxes and other domestic dues. 


The state of trade and economic cooperation (2018)

According to the information of Ukrainian Statistic Bureau, the trade turnover between Ukraine and China in 2018 amounted to 10,1 bln USD. At the same time, Chinese exports to Ukraine amounted to 7,8 bln USD (+34.1%), Ukraine exports to China amounted to 2,3 bln USD (+9.1%). Balance of bilateral trade in favor of China amounted to 5,5 bln USD.


Bilateral investment cooperation

According to the Ukrainian Statistic Bureau, as of 31.12.2018 China invested $17.94 million in Ukraine’s economy. The largest volume of investment directed to enterprises in the agriculture, forestry and fishing, industry, wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. The volume of investments from Ukraine to China's economy totaled at $0.598million.